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Please Note: This is not the official page of ELCSA (Cape) - please follow this link to the official page. If you need to contact church officials, please use the contact details supplied below. Please note that there are also other Lutheran Churches in South Africa.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in South Africa (Cape) or ELCSA(Cape) is historically a German church, but nearly all congregations also (or exclusively) offer services in English or Afrikaans. It has about 6000 members in 22 congregations served by 18 pastors. The congregations are scattered throughout the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Free State provinces. For the centenary of the Synod in 1995, Prof. Reino Otterman published the book "The Centenary of the Synod 1895-1995 - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (Cape Church)". The Index can be viewed here.

ELCSA (Cape) is a member of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), the Lutheran Community of Southern Africa (LUCSA) and the South African Council of Churches (SACC). ELCSA (Cape) has its headquarters in Stellenbosch.
Contact: Bischop Gilbert Filter, P.O. Box 3466, Matieland, 7602, Tel. +27-021-886-9747, Fax +27-21-886-9748.

The ELCSA (Cape) is divided into 2 regions, with the following congregations:

      St Martini Cape Town
    • St Martini, Cape Town
      Founded: 1861
      Languages: German and English
      Church and Office: 240 Long St, Cape Town, 8001
      Pastor: Dr. Claudia Nolte-Schamm, Tel: +27-21-423-7400
      Youth deacon: Johannes Herter, Tel. +27-76-787-2263
      Office (Tel) +27-21-423-5947, (Fax) +27-21-423-2529, Email
      Strand Street Church, Cape Town
    • Ev. Luth. Church Strand Street, Cape Town
      Founded: 1780 (History)
      Language: English
      Church: 98 Strand Street, Cape Town, 8001
      Pastor: Walter Schwär, Tel: +27-21-421-5854
      Office: (Tel) +27-21-421-5854, (Fax) +27-21-421-5855, Email
    • Kreuzgemeinde, Bellville, Metro Cape Town
      Founded: 1890
      Languages: English, German and Afrikaans
      Church: 33 Middle St, Bellville
      Pastor: vacant
      Office: (Tel & Fax) +27-21-948-5928, 39 Boston St, Bellville
    • St Johannis, Wynberg, Cape Town
      Founded: 1861
      Languages: German, English and Afrikaans
      Church: 52 Waterloo Rd, Wynberg, 7800
      Pastor: see Philippi
      Office: (Tel & Fax) +27-21-761-1904
    • Philippi, Cape Town
      Founded: 1885
      Languages: Afrikaans
      Church: Springfield Rd, Philippi
      Pastor: Michael Denner, Tel: +27-21-73-3782
      Adr: P.O.Box 26, Philippi, 7781
      St Petri, Paarl
    • St Petri, Paarl
      Founded: 1876
      Languages: German and Afrikaans
      Church: 6 Mill St, Paarl, 7646
      Pastor: P. Molchin, Tel: +27-21-872-4885
    • Stellenbosch and Somerset West
      Founded: 1961
      Languages: German, Afrikaans and English
      Church: 26 Hofmeyer St, Stellenbosch, 7600
      Pastor: Felix Meylahn, Tel: +27-21-887-6456
      Office: (Tel & Fax) +27-21-887-5030, E-mail
    • Trinitatis Church, Worcester
      Founded: 1877
      Languages: Afrikaans and German
      Pastor: see Paarl
      St Michael, Rondevleihoogte, George
    • St Michael, Rondevleihoogte, George (Ev. Luth. Congregation Southern Cape)
      Founded: 1978
      Languages: German, English and Afrikaans
      Church: Portion 3 (School Site) of the Farm New Melsetter No.179, Rondevleihoogte, District George
      Contact: Pastor Wolf von Killian, Tel. +27-71-392-4864
      Postal address: P.O.Box 1392, George, 6530
    • St Crucis, Beacon Bay
      Founded: 1866
      Language: English
      Church: 52 Edge Rd, Beacon Bay, 5205
      Pastor: Dieter Trümpelmann
      Office: (Tel & Fax) +27-43-748-2102
    • St Matthew's, Berlin
      Founded: 1869
      Language: English
      Pastor: see St. Johns, King Williams Town
    • Brakfontein
      Founded: 1906
      Language: English
      Pastor: see St. Crucis, Beacon Bay
    • St John's, Dawn, East London
      Founded: 1856
      Languages: English and Afrikaans
      Church: 13 Rattray Rd, Dawn, East London
      Pastor: see St. Andrews, East London
      Office: (Tel & Fax) +27-43-745-2202 St Andrews East London
    • St Andrews, East London
      Founded: 1872
      Languages: German and English
      Church: 50 Park Ave, East London, 5201
      Pastor: Rüdiger Lutz
      Office: (Tel & Fax) +27-43-722-2700
    • St John's, King Williams Town
      Founded: 1864
      Language: English
      Church: 23 Wodehouse St, King Williams Town, 5600
      Pastor: Hans-Peter von Fintel
      Büro: (Tel & Fax) +27-43-642-2859
    • St Peter's, Komga
      Founded: 1864
      Language: English
      Pastor: see King Williams Town
    • St Paul's, Macleantown
      Founded: 1883
      Language: English
      Pastor: see Dawn Friedenskirche Port Elizabeth
    • Friedenskirche, Springfield, Port Elizabeth
      Founded: 1901
      Languages: German and English
      Church: 33 Luke St, Springfield, PE
      Outposts: Uitenhage, Grahamstown
      Pastor: Anja Spiske
      Office: (Tel & Fax) +27-41-367-1986, Email
      Address: P.O.Box 5039, Walmer, 6065
    • St Peter's, Queenstown
      Founded: 1983
      Language: English
      Pastor: see Stutterheim St Pauls, Stutterheim
    • St Paul's, Stutterheim
      Founded: 1863
      Languages: English
      Church: 22 Shone St, Stutterheim, 4930
      Pastor: T. Marienhagen
      Office: (Tel & Fax) +27-43-683-1432, Email
    • St Paulus, Bloemfontein
      Founded: 1875
      Languages: German and Afrikaans
      Church: Emily Hobhouse Square, Daan Pienaar, Bloemfontein, 9301
      Outposts: Bethlehem, Kroonstad
      Pastor: see Paarl
      Büro: (Tel & Fax) +27-51-436-5082
    • St Martini, Kimberley - Northern Cape
      Founded: 1875
      Languages: German and Afrikaans
      Church: Lawson St
      Pastor: see Paarl

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